Who are the New Zealand Inflatable Hieres Alliance?

The NZIHA was launched in early 2017 due to an absence of any managed organization. It was felt that an organization need to be established to actively set guidelines for inflatable hire companies as well as making education and training material available to its members, including ongoing help, advice and support.

Up until the point of the NZIHA being established, there was uncertainty by some inflatable hire companies of what was required to run a legal and professional hire service.

Recently the industry has changed significantly, and there are standards available for all companies involved in inflatable hire to read and implement.

We represent our members across New Zealand by helping them to fulfil their professional roles and obligations. All our members have agreed to work to our code of ethics to offer customers of the inflatable hire a trustworthy and professional service.

Joining the NZIHA is like having an inflatable business advisor by your side every step of the way. We will provide you with help, advice, support and direction when you need it.

We help New Zealand bouncy castle hire businesses to achieve the best and succeed in all aspects through regular training, tips and ideas. We send out weekly newsletters, update the website consistently, provide networking opportunities, discounts on various services vital to your business, help you get more customers and much more.

The NZIHA provides the infrastructure that supports the sharing of good ideas, safe working practices, expertise and overall professionalism.

The NZIHA provides you with the tools, information and recourses that you will need to achieve your business dreams and will assist you in preventing mistakes and guide you along the way.

Through our brand awareness, we aim to promote to the public about the benefits of choosing a professional NZIHA member’s hire company.

How this matters to you
Everyone needs to be able to differentiate between:
– insured and responsible bouncy castle hirers

– uninsured and irresponsible bouncy castle hirers
There will be many Bouncy Castle hirers offering meagre prices for hire – but often the cheapest is not necessarily the safest.
A list of NZIHA members can be found on our website.

You can apply to become a member of the New Zealand Inflatable Hires Alliance Online

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